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Abrus precatorius
Crabs eye,  Jumbie beads, rosary pea, Coral bead vine
A native of the tropics, a slender deciduous climber with purple, pink and sometimes white flowers. The seeds are a glossy red with a black spot. The seeds are used in jewelry for necklaces and rosary beads. The plant is also known as Indian Liquorice.
The seeds of this species are toxic and extremely poisonous if cracked.

2.15 Av 10 seeds



Adansonia digitata Baobab Tree      Bonsai & Trees
When the tree is bare of leaves the branches look like roots sticking up, making it look as though it has been planted upside down (Upside Down Tree). It can grow to a very large size, with a very thick trunk and short branches. Ideal subject for a house plant and a popular bonsai tree.
1.95 Av 5 seeds


Akebia quinata
Chocolate vine (5 leaflets)
A semi evergreen fast growing twining woody vine, with dark green rounded leaves with 5 leaflets, underside of leaves blue-green colour, tinged purple in winter. Chocolate purple coloured fragrant flowers resemble vanilla, flowers from March to April, the purple-violet sausage shaped edible fruits up to 9cm long and ripen in the autumn. Used in Chinese medicine. Stems can be used in basketry.
Fully hardy can withstand temp down to -15C
2.95 Av 10 seeds




Albizia julibrissin
Persian Silk Tree
Small tree or shrub with fern like leaves, flowers during summer. Flowers are in tight clusters and have no petals and look like silk threads, pink coloured at tips fading to white at the base. Also once used as a medicinal herb.
1.45 Av 20 seeds
Albizia julibrissin


Aralia spinosa
Hercules Club, Devils Walking Stick, Angelica Tree
Small deciduous tree or large shrub having large pinnate leaves up to 1.5m long made up of a large number of leaflets. White flowers during summer followed by black fruits. Ornamental small tree or shrub.
Out of stock


Arbutus Unedo


Arbutus Unedo
Strawberry Tree 
Shrubby evergreen tree with red-brown bark and glossy mid green leaves, small white flowers in pendant panicles. Edible red fruits that can be made into jams and preserves, the fruit takes approx 12 months to ripen on the tree. Tolerates maritime exposure and chalk soils. RHS Award of Garden Merit
1.75 Av 50 seeds

Araucaria araucana
Monkey Puzzle Tree & Bonsai
Located on Conifer seeds page plus
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