Baby/Mini Vegetables

Baby/mini vegetable plants can be naturally small in size (Cherry Tomatoes, Courgettes), harvested when young (Leeks, Carrots) or sown at close density for salad and stir-fry leaf production. Baby vegetables as with all vegetables are at their best harvested, prepared and cooked the same day, far superior to bought vegetables, a lot cheaper and easy to grow your own vegetable plants. Ideal for a small garden, to an allotment, or containers on the patio, growing baby vegetables is the perfect choice. A regular weekly liquid feed will ensure a good yield. Harvest them as a young crop, when they are tender and full of flavour. For a continual supply of baby/mini vegetables make successive sowings throughout the growing season. For an early crop most vegetables can be sown indoors in pots or modules and planted out after the last frost to give them a head start over seed sown in situ, plants can be grown to harvest earlier by using some form of protection, this can range from growing under cloches to raising plants in polytunnels and greenhouses. The ground should be well prepared, humus rich and well drained. A seed bed should be worked to a fine tilth. A minimum soil temp of 8C is required before sowing seed in situ. A number of vegetables for young leaf harvesting can be Broadcast sown, this entails forming a fine seed bed and scatter the seeds evenly over the area, gently rake the seeds in and water with a fine rose so as not to wash the seeds away. See Oriental Vegetables for young salad leaf and stir-fry use.
Supplied in Hermetically sealed foil packets labelled with sowing instructions. I will always supply untreated seed whenever possible.

Salad Leaf & Stir Fry Mixes



Aubergine Turkish Orange Eggplant



Aubergine Turkish Orange
Heirloom variety from Turkey producing small compact plants with an abundance of rich sweet, strong flavoured fruits. Orange to red round tomato like 7cm fruits. Best eaten at light orange with some green stripping stage, once fruits are red orange they are best stuffed. Baby veg 65-90 days height 45-60cm. Ideal in containers or pots.

1.25 Av 25 seeds




Aubergine Goyo Kumba Eggplant



Aubergine Goyo Kumba
A variety from Africa which produces an abundance of small bright 8cm red fruits on tall spreading plants approx 1.2M in height 90-100 days. Baby veg the plants make good ornamentals for the flower borders or vegetable garden.

1.25 Av 25 seeds





Aubergine Thai Light Round Green



Aubergine Thai Light Round Green
A delicious small fruited eggplant similar to Thai Green Pea except fruits are light green and striped. Ideal for baby veg

1.25 Av 15 seeds






Aubergine Jackpot
Eggplant - Solanum, Baby Veg
Heavy cropping variety producing dark purple almost black fruits over a long period with an average fruit weight of 80g. Plants are compact, spineless making this an excellent container, patio variety or for open ground in a warm sunny position. Fruits can also be harvested young making this an ideal plant for baby veg. Days to maturity 58-62 days spread 45cm height 55cm.

1.90 Av 10 seeds




Aubergine Emerald Isle



Aubergine Emerald Isle
Eggplant - Solanum, Baby Veg
Attractive heavy cropping hybrid plant producing small pale green fruit with dark green veining. Fruits are approx 50g in weight. Interesting alternative to the standard purple and white verities, at the green stage aubergines are often used in Asian cooking.

1.85 Av 10 seeds





Aubergine Gretel F1


Aubergine Gretel
Eggplant White
F1 variety AAS winner and ideal to grow alongside Aubergine Hansel
55 days from transplanting. These glossy ivory fruits are ready for picking when just 3 to 4 inches long, making splendid baby veg a gourmet treat you MUST try. However, unlike others, Gretel won't grow tough and dry as it gets longer. If you don't want to harvest the entire crop young, take the 55-day maturity date as a starting point, and continue to harvest when and as you like for several more weeks! The fruit will be larger but no less succulent and bitter-free.

Nearly seedless, this eggplant is perfect for frying or baking. It appears in clusters of 3 to 6 on plants just 3 feet high and 2 1/2 feet wide -- perfect for containers as well as the sunny garden! Stake or cage the plants to hold up their huge bounty of fruit, then sit back and enjoy eggplant fresh from the garden whenever you like.

2.25 Av 10 seeds






Aubergine Hansel

Eggplant you can harvest at any size from 2 inches until 10 inches long.
The only one of its kind in the world! AAS Winner
55 days from transplanting. A breeding breakthrough extraordinaire. Hansel F1 is the first eggplant that lets you choose when you want to harvest it. The glossy, dark purple, mild sweet fruits are ready at 2 inches, yet keep their tender texture and rich flavour as they grow, so you can harvest them at any time up to about 10 inches or so. The 55-day harvest time is when you can pick the fruit at 2 inches for baby veg, a gourmet treat. But several weeks later, as it gets bigger and bigger on the vine, these long, slender eggplants will still be just as delicious. Nearly seedless, they are great for frying or baking.

Expect the fruit to arise in clusters of 3 to 6 on very compact plants just 3 feet high and 2 1/2 feet wide. Stake or cage them to hold up their huge bounty of fruit, then sit back and enjoy eggplant fresh from the garden whenever you like, not when nature dictates.
Hansel won a 2008 All-America Selection and is certain to become the popular favourite among eggplant lovers everywhere.

2.25 Av 10 seeds




Aubergine Kaberi




Aubergine Kaberi F1
F1 Baby Veg Small fruited, compact bush variety producing prolific crops of dark purple, shiny, oval fruits of excellent quality and texture, weighing approximately 50-60 grams. Use in containers, planters and borders.

2.75 Av 10 seeds




Aubergine Striped Toga




Aubergine Striped Toga
Eggplant - Solanum melongena
Aubergine striped toga produces two toned green and orange eggplants with stunning markings. The plants are high yielding, fruits 7.5cm long x 2.5cm. Baby veg 85 days

1.45 Av 50 seeds




Aubergine Kermit
Green and white Thai specialty.
F1 variety. Compact, well-branched plant with a prolific set of small, round fruits, avg 5cm across. White blossom end with a deep green, striped shoulder and green calyx. Maturing in approx 60 days. Ideal for baby veg

2.70 Av 25 seeds




Aubergine F1 Baby Belle


Aubergine Baby Belle
A hybrid dwarf and compact variety ideal for containers and patio planting. Ideal for baby veg. The plants are approx 30cm high and bear lots of jet black spine free fruits.

2.50 Av 25 seeds






Beetroot Boston
 An improved boltardy variety producing round roots with smooth skin and good colour and texture. Slow bolting making this ideal for early sowings. Can be pulled young for baby veg, sow Feb to Aug harvest April to Oct.

0.95 av 250 seeds



Beetroot Bona
A mid to late season variety producing round roots with smooth skin and intense red flesh. Bona has a high sugar content producing beets with a very tasty sweet flavour. Suitable for both full or baby veg also ideal for pickling. 2 gram Av 170 seeds.

0.85 av 2 gram pkt

1.40 Two x 2 gram pkts




Beetroot Boro
A good quality hybrid variety producing smooth-skinned, dark red roots. Good storage performance. Suitable for both baby veg and standard beetroot production. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.95 Av 200 seeds



Beetroot Pablo F1  Excellent variety for baby beetroot

Beetroot Pablo
Excellent variety for Baby veg
High quality F1 beetroots with  smooth skin, good deep red internal colouring. A good choice for baby veg beetroot. Maincrop. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.20 Av 150 seeds





Borecole/Kale vegetable plants
(Brassica oleracea)

Sow thinly late spring at a depth of approx 1cm. Plant out when approx 12cm high 50-60cm between plants and 60cm between rows. Harvest from autumn onwards. A harvest of fresh greens when most other vegetables are unavailable, the cold improves the crop, an excellent source for Vitamin A, is normally served cooked.



Kale Cavolo Palmizio
Italian Kale, a baby leaf veg, salad leaf variety when young, as plants mature they have blistered leaves, it is an excellent winter hardy leaf vegetable. Use baby leaf as lettuce in salads, mature leaves as Kale.

0.89 Av 150 seeds


Red Russian Kale

Red Russian Kale
Grey-green feathery leaves on purple stems add a distinctive shape and texture to the salad bowl and baby leaf salad mixtures. A baby veg that can also be used in stir-frying. Harvest young leaves 4 to 6 weeks earlier for sweet, tender baby leaf. Sow 1cm deep early spring under cover or direct sow April through to September.

0.99 Av 500 seeds




Brussels Sprout

Brussels Sprout Bitesize

Brussels Sprout Bitesize  Baby veg
A unique hybrid Brussels sprout variety that produces delicious small dark green bitesize buttons approx half the normal size with good flavour and texture. Matures in November but will hold baby sized sprouts through to late January.

1.25 Av 30 seeds











Chinese Cabbage Wa Wa Sai F1
Baby veg Chinese cabbage Wa Wa Sai, very tender with a lovely sweet flavour, ideal for soups, stir fries and salads. Head weight from spring or autumn sowing 300-500g, matures in 60 days from transplanting. space 20x30cm.  Grow at close spacing for baby leaf. Treated seed for improved seedling growth.

1.85 Av 100 seeds




Cavolo Nero
BLACK CABBAGE. An unusual leaf picking variety with rich, dark green blistered leaves can be picked young for baby leaf. A well known Italian vegetable, it can be used to add texture to salads or boiled/steamed in the usual way, also used as baby veg. Stands normal winter conditions and can be harvested September to January.
Sow:- April to May Harvest September to January

0.95 Av 75 seeds




Calabrese Kabuki seeds    Baby Veg
A very early hybrid Calabrese maturing 65-70 days after planting. Plant produces domed tight heads and grows to half the size of other calabrese making ideal for smaller gardens or growing under fleece. Open habit reduces the risk of botrytis and mildew, can be planted out at closer spacing for baby veg.

1.35 Av 40 seeds





Capsicum - Peppers

Birdseye chilli

C annuum
Hot Chilli Pepper also known as African Devil, The 'Mother' of all Chillies!
Birds eye chillies are used in Asian dishes. Some state this is even hotter than Habanero. Produces small thin walled hot peppers, fruits ripen from green through orange to red. Very late maturing. It is considered a wild variety. 120+ days.
100-175,000+ Scoville.

1.20 Av 10 seeds

1.95 for 2 x 10 seeds


Chilli pepper seeds Apache

An attractive dwarf chilli type has an excellent yield of 4cm long fruits. Can be grown on the window sill, in the conservatory or on the patio. Baby veg. Sow chillies March to April, early sowings for growing under cover, outdoor harden off and plant out late May. Recommended variety by River Cottage Handbook Veg Patch. Plant height 45cm. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.95 Av 10 seeds




Pepper Redskin
Av 10 Seeds
A true F1 dwarf bell pepper, a baby veg ideal for patio pots and containers. Compact habit growing to 30-40cm in height. Very early fruiting with an excellent yield of medium sized fruits. RHS Award of Garden Merit

1.95 Av 10 seeds




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The cultural information should be used as a guide only, I have found a number of different sowing techniques for the same seed from different sources there does not seem to be a standard. With this in mind you should use this website as a guide only, you probably already have a tried and tested way of sowing different seeds. As a rule of thumb the larger the seed size the more cover it requires, and fine seed like Lobelia Begonia etc requires no cover.
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