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Oriental and speciality vegetable leaf seeds

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Vitamin Green
21 days baby leaf   45 days mature
A delicious leafy green Oriental vegetable, a member of the brassica family smooth leaves up to 30cm x 10cm are a deep green in colour. Tender leaves are full of flavour, harvest leaves as baby leaf when small for stir-fries, salads or steaming. Slow to bolt and continually provide new leaves over a long harvest period. Tolerant to both heat and cold. Sow early spring to mid summer.
£1.75 Av 250 seeds





Mizuna / Mibuna
25 days baby leaf  55 days mature plants

Japanese Greens Mibuna
Brassica rapa var japonica
Very similar in most resects to Mizuna, but with a stronger flavour and dark green narrow strap like leaves. Very popular Oriental vegetable for baby leaf and micro greens.

£1.30 Av 300 seeds





Japanese Greens Mizuna Kyoto
Brassica rapa var japonica
Slender white stalks topped with ‘feathery’ dark green leaves. Sow in all seasons at high density for baby leaf and low density for whole head. Very cold tolerant. 1 gram 450 seeds

£1.25 Av 450 seeds





Japanese Greens Mizuna
Brassica rapa var japonica
Mizuna Greens, Mizuna Mustard, Pot Herb Mustard, Kyona   
Annual/biennial oriental low growing greens with a lovely peppery flavour, dark green serrated leaves on slender white stems. Leaves used raw or cooked in salads or stir-fry, soups. young flowering stems can be cooked like broccoli. Can be sown at intervals from April to September outside, or inside in winter use as a cut and come again crop. Sow seed in pots or modules. Plant out   @ 15cm (6in.) apart in full sun, will tolerate light shade. Runner up in RHS taste tests to leaf radish Saisai. Very popular for micro greens and baby leaf.

£1.35 Av 300 seeds



Leaf Radish Sai sai
Rated the best Oriental leaf in taste tests by the RHS. A great punchy flavour, juicy and tender pale green succulent  leaves for use in salads and stir-fry, a hybrid that has been developed for using at the young tender baby leaf stage. Saisai is slow bolting and can be grown all year round, ready for harvesting in 30-40 days. Sow early spring and autumn under cover, spring and summer outdoor, sow thickly in close drills.

£1.15 Av 90 seeds




Leaf Radish Red Stemmed F1

Leaf Radish Red Stemmed
A pinky-red stemmed F1 leaf radish with a lovely radish flavour. Fast growing, upright and hairless. Leaves are green and lobed. Grows well under glass, can be sown indoors all year round. Suited to micro and baby leaf.
Av 100 seeds per gram.

£1.25 Av 1 gram pkt





Hong Vit - leaf radish

Hong Vit Leaf Radish
Radish - Raphanus sativus
A pink stemmed leaf radish. Fast growing with hairless leaves and pink stems, mild radish flavour. Harvest as baby leaf, baby veg or full sized  bunched leaves for soups, salads or stir fries. 1 gram approx 75 seeds

£1.50 Av 2 gram pkt




Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass West Indian

Lemon Grass West Indian     Tender Perennial Culinary herb
Cymbopogon citratus
Lemon grass West Indian the most popular lemon grass for cooking, a Tropical West Indian delicacy, lemon flavoured grass. Used in Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian and Asian dishes. It adds a Lemon tang to Stir Fries, Soups and many Chinese culinary delights. Magical powers of lust, snake repellent and psychic powers. A tropical Zone plant will not withstand temperatures below 10 degrees it is best grown indoors during colder months, all year round in a conservatory, greenhouse or on the Kitchen windowsill, grow on the patio during the summer months. Also acts as an insect deterrent. Grow in moist, fertile well drained soil in full sun will tolerate light shade.

£1.95 Av 100 seeds



Magenta Spreen
Young leaves and stem tips are "dusted" with beautiful iridescent magenta. Flavour is similar to Lamb's Quarter also known as tree spinach. Sow thickly and begin cutting when plants are 6-8 ins tall. Replant every couple of weeks to ensure a continuous harvest until frost. Ideal for salads or steamed like spinach. Left to grow it can grow tall like tree spinach, Chenopodium giganteum. 30 days

£1.15 Av 200 seeds








Erba stella    Plantago coronopus     50-60 days
Winter hardy salad leaf for all year round production, use as baby leaf or mature plant. Produces rosettes of slender green leaves of a crunchy texture ideal for salads. Flower buds can also be eaten.

£1.15 Av 2,000 seeds



Quite a  hardy vegetable, cold tolerant, sharp flavour ideal in salads and stir fry. The mustard flavour strengthens with age of plant.
25-30 days baby leaf      55 days mature plants

Mustard Chinese Heading Mustard - Gai Cai

Mustard Chinese Heading Mustard - Gai Cai Oriental vegetable
Brassica Juncea. Mustard greens, vigorous semi heading plants bright green in colour with coarsely textured leaves with a great flavour. Best sown late summer to autumn to avoid premature bolting.

£1.55 av 450 seeds





Mustard Flaming Frills
Brassica juncea
Baby leaf Oriental vegetable mustard with attractive dark purple serrated leaves. A good leaf texture with a mild spicy mustard flavour. Colour is stronger during spring and autumn. Can be grown for baby leaf, mature or micro greens.

£1.10 Av 500 seeds



Mustard Osaka Purple

Mustard Osaka Purple
Brassica juncea
Mild for lightly cooking and salads, baby leaf or mature leaf production. Matures at 30-35cm tall, and has medium-green leaves with purple-red veins and tinge.  Succulent stems. Earlier and more refined, with broader stems and more compact growth, than Red Giant. Very popular Oriental vegetable for micro greens.
Harvest baby leaf 21 day, mature 40 day.

£1.25 Av 500 seeds


Seeds for Oriental Mustard Golden Streaks

Oriental Mustard Golden Streaks
An attractive sweet mustard with fine dissected leaves. Peppery flavour with a tender texture. Ideal baby leaf in salads and stir-fry. Runner up in RHS taste tests to leaf radish Sai sai.

£1.15 Av 500 seeds

Link to Leaf Radish Saisai


Mustard Green Wave
Use baby leaf and full leaf
Highly attractive with frilly bright green leaves. A variety very slow to bolt. Sow seed shallowly. Sow spring in situ, summer and autumn either in situ or modules and transplant. Space or thin plants for harvesting as baby leaf 10-15cm apart, for mature crop up to 30cm apart.

£0.99 Av 450 seeds




Mustard Green in Snow
A hardy winter mustard with dark green spicy leaves having a jagged edge and contrasting white veins. Slow to bolt, cut and come again mustard. Best sown late summer to autumn spacing for seedling crop sow at high density for baby leaf plants 10cm apart and up to 30cm for mature plants

£1.25 Av 1 gram pkt




Chinese Mustard Southern Giant
Brassica juncea crispifolia
Sharp-flavoured curly leaves are excellent in salads and sandwiches or cooked. Harvest when young and tender. Repeat sowings for a continuous crop.

£1.15 Av 800 seeds




Mustard White Sprouting
Sinapsis alba
Suited to punnet production and used in the sandwich trade and other specialist markets as used in mustard and cress punnet mixtures. Spicy flavour and used when 1-2cm long. Ready in 7 days. Seeds can be sown in a seed sprouter or in a jar with a muslin top. Keep seeds moist and clean by rinsing well twice a day and maintain a temp between 55 & 70 deg F. Seeds grown in the dark tend to be crisper. Can be sown outdoors as an excellent cut and come again crop. Sow in shallow drills. Very popular for micro greens and baby leaf.
40g  Av 5,500 seeds

£1.95 Av 40 gram pkt

£13.50 Av 500 gram pkt

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Mustard Green
Chinese Green, Chinese Mustard, Gai Cai, Gai Choy, India Mustard
Baby leaf the tender green leaves used in salads and stir fry. Winter Hardy. Leaves have a peppery flavour and are highly prized in Oriental cooking. The leaves & flowers can be used raw or cooked. The seed used whole in pickles and curries and to make 'Brown mustard'. The seed can be sprouted and used in salads. Seed sown from April to autumn in succession to provide a continuous crop, to prevent the plants from bolting delay sowing until June. Sow in shallow drills.

£1.25 Av 800 seeds




Mustard Red
Brassica juncea
Baby leaf used in salads and stir fry. Winter Hardy. Leaves have a peppery flavour and are highly prized in Oriental cooking. The leaves & flowers can be used raw or cooked. The seed used whole in pickles and curries and to make 'Brown mustard'. The seed can be sprouted and used in salads. Seed sown from April to Autumn in succession to provide a continuous crop, to prevent the plants from bolting delay sowing until June. Sow in shallow drills.

£1.25 Av 800 seeds




Mustard Red Garnet Giant
Brassica juncea
The darkest red mustard. A very popular Oriental vegetable for salads, baby leaf and micro greens. Garnet Giants leaves are completely maroon, have a mild peppery flavour and used in Oriental cooking. Leaf colouring appears early on young leaves. Tends to bolt early, recommended to harvest promptly from a young stage. Will withstand a light frost. 21 days baby leaf and 45 days mature leaf.

£1.15 Av 500 seeds




Komatsuna Greens
Mustard Spinach

A hardy, vigorous cold tolerant vegetable. The flavour can be best described as a combination of mustard and cabbage with a hint of spinach,
delicious in stir fry. 25 days for baby leaf   55 days mature plants


Komatsuna Yojiro

Komatsuna Yujiro
Brassica rapa
A fast growing F1 mustard spinach, a Japanese green Oriental vegetable used for baby leaf, in salads and stir fry. For baby leaf sow at closer density than mature plants.

£1.00 Av  300 seeds




Komatsuna Sharaku
Brassica rapa
Komatsuna Sharaku F1 a fast growing mustard spinach, Japanese green used for mature leaf, baby leaf, in salads and stir fry. For baby leaf sow at closer density.

£1.10 Av  300 seeds




Komatsuna Torasan seeds

Komatsuna Torasan    Baby Leaf
A uniform quick growing F1 mustard spinach hybrid with light green juicy, tender stems. Dark green glossy leaves. Use in salads or stir fry. A cold tolerant variety for autumn. winter and spring production.
Oriental vegetable that is quick and easy to grow and vigorous. Sow during spring summer and autumn in situ, late winter early spring and late autumn sowings under cover in unheated polytunnels/cloches for a winter to spring harvest. For a mature crop to harvest for greens during winter sow mid summer in situ. For seedling crop either broadcast sow or in wide drills. Mature crop sow in situ or transplant from modules space for baby leaf or baby veg from 5cm apart up to 50cm for larger plants.

£0.99 Av  200 seeds


Komatsuna Tokisan
Similar to Komatsuna Torasan a F1 mustard spinach hybrid used in Stir Fry and Salads. Suitable for sowing all year round for both baby leaf and mature plants and in general a more heat tolerant variety ideal for sowing during the summer months. Brassica rapa var. perviridis

£1.15 Av 400 seeds




Edible Carrot Leaf


Carrot Edible Leaf Carrot
Daucus Carota var. sativa
Edible carrot tops, something new to grow from seed for the salad bowl.
An interesting, edible form of smooth leaf carrot. Excellent to add to the salad bowl, try goring in pots indoors or on a sunny windowsill. Approx 850 seeds per gram

£0.95 Av 1 gram pkt

£6.95 Av 10 gram pkt



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