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Tangy leaves with a mild crunchy texture are ideal on their own in a salad or added to baby leaf mixtures. Pick leaves when young, ready approximately 2-3 weeks from sowing. Steam leaves for adding to stir fries, Asian dishes. Sow throughout the growing season April to October.

1.25 Av 500 seeds






Hong Vit - leaf radish

Hong Vit Leaf Radish
Radish - Raphanus sativus
A pink stemmed leaf radish. Fast growing with hairless leaves and pink stems, mild radish flavour. Harvest as baby leaves, baby veg or full sized  bunched leaves for soups, salads or stir fries. 75 seeds per gram

1.50 Av 2 gram pkt




Radish Rat Tails

Radish Rat Tails
Radish rat tails a radish that is harvested above ground, grown for the long slender edible seed pods. A popular kitchen garden vegetable from the 1800's hot and spicy flavoured pods are used raw in salads, snacks or cooked. Harvest while the pods are young and tender. Sow spring onwards in situ when the ground has warmed up. Height 1m+  Stake plants as they can become top heavy. 60+ per gram

0.99 Av 2 gram



Radish Daikon
Oriental Radish. Large long white tapered roots. Normally cut into strips and are Ideal in salads, roasted, stir-fried, grated.

0.90 Av 1,000 seeds




Saltwort seeds salsola komarovii, Known as 'Okahijiki' or Land seaweed

Saltwort or Okahijiki
salsola komarovii
Known as 'Okahijiki' or Land seaweed in Japan. A traditional Japanese culinary herb, Oriental Vegetable and Micro Greens. Leaves are long and succulent with an appealing crunchy texture and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Add tender young leaves to salads and sushi, steam longer stems for healthy side dishes. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Juice is used as a diuretic. Can be harvested at the seedling stage for micro greens or baby leaf stage for adding to salad mixtures. Sow spring to mid summer or early autumn

1.25 Av 100 seeds


Spinach, New Zealand
An alternative to spinach and can be picked throughout the summer and into the autumn, plants do not run to seed during the hot summers. Leaves are used raw or cooked, Young leaves used raw in salads. Sow in trays/pots plant out after last frosts in a sunny position. Or sow in situ in shallow drills 1cm deep, pinch out growing tip to make the plants bush out.
5 gram approx 70 seeds

1.45 Av 5 gram pkt




Mustard Spinach Tendergreen
Brassica rapa var komatsuna
Popular salad and stir fry greens from Japan. The leaves are used raw or cooked and having a flavour between cabbage and the oriental mustards. Flowering stems are used raw or cooked. Position in full sun, kept moist, a hardy plant to approx -12 deg C and can be cropped for most of the year, during winter under cover. Sow seed in situ April to September. Thin to 20-30cm apart.

1.10 Av 400 seeds



Okra Clemsons Spineless
Hibiscus esculentus
Gumbo, Ladies Fingers, Bhindi
Asian Delicacy, tender annual greenhouse plant grown like a tomato. Small fruits can be used cooked on their own or added to soups, stews and sauces. The fruit should be harvested when young to encourage more production. The seed is made into 'tofu' or 'tempeh' and roasted used as a coffee substitute. Requires a warm sunny sheltered site but is best grown in a greenhouse. Sow early spring onwards @ 15-30 deg C in single pots, plant out June onwards at 45cm apart provide climbing support.

1.20 Av 50 seeds



Orach(e) Red Plume
Atriplex hortensis
Mountain Spinach  Annual
Leaves are used raw or cooked used as spinach, the seed is believed to be a good source of vitamin'A'. Makes an ideal garden ornamental. In the middle ages the plant was used for lung and liver ailments.

1.20 Av 100 seeds



Tokyo Bekana
21 days baby leaf   45 days mature
Recommended for thick sowing and harvest of deliciously sweet, tender-crispy, baby leaves that add a whole new dimension to salad mixes. Bright, light green leaves are curly and ruffled.
Re grows for multiple cuttings. Excellent for Micro Greens, baby leaf year-round with winter protection. At full size, tender ruffled leaves on narrow white petioles can be bunched like Vitamin Green.

1.75 Av 250 seeds



Tokyo Bekana excellent new salad leaf

Vitamin Green
21 days baby leaf   45 days mature
A delicious leafy green vegetable, a member of the brassica family smooth leaves up to 30cm x 10cm are a deep green in colour. Tender leaves are full of flavour, harvest leaves when small for stir-fries, salads or steaming. Slow to bolt and continually provide new leaves over a long harvest period. Tolerant to both heat and cold. Sow early spring to mid summer.

1.75 Av 250 seeds






Porophyllum ruderale
Mexican native annual herb also known as Bolivian coriander, quillquina, yerba porosa or Papaloquelite. The large bluish green leaves have a flavour of arugula and cilantro. A popular herb to eat fresh on tacos, salsa, soups and sauces. Germination is naturally low and variable, some of the seeds are dormant. Grow in full sun.

1.45 Av 40 seeds




Perilla Shiso - Britton
Perilla frutescens var crispa
Perilla Shiso bi coloured an eye catching Oriental vegetable with green leaves and red undersides. Use in micro and salad mixtures, larger leaves are used as sushi wraps and plate garnishes. Larger leaved than the red or green Shiso.
Mild mint/basil aroma, ideal ornamental plant for containers and borders.

1.65 pkt approx 400 seeds


Perilla Shiso - Britton seeds





Purslane Green       Annual Culinary herb
Portulaca oleracea
Sprawling plant with fleshy stalks and rosettes of leaves on tips. Fresh leaves used in salad and can be cooked like spinach.

1.15 Av 600 seeds




Purslane Golden


Purslane Golden   Annual Culinary herb
Portulaca oleracea
The golden counterpart of green Purslane. A salad herb, the red stems contrast well with yellow/golden leaves. stems and leaves can be pickled for winter use. Purslane has the magical powers of happiness, luck, love and sleep.

1.15 Av 300 seeds

1.95 for 2 x 300 seed pkts





Red Malabar Spinach
A Vigorous climbing vine which grows through summer into autumn, no relation to spinach. The thick dark green, savoyed glossy succulent leaves resemble spinach and have a mild Swiss chard taste, and lovely deep red stems. Use leaves and young stems in salads or stir-fries.  Grows to 2m plus with adequate support up to 10m will also trail. Grown also as an ornamental. Basella rubra. 85 days.

0.95 Av 50 seeds





Red Russian Kale
Grey-green feathery leaves on purple stems add a distinctive shape and texture to the salad bowl and baby leaf salad mixtures. A baby veg that can also be used in stir-frying. Harvest young leaves 4 to 6 weeks earlier for sweet, tender baby leaf. Sow 1cm deep early spring under cover or direct sow April through to September.

0.99 Av 500 seeds




 Salad Rape
Brassica napus
Faster growing than the mustard or cress salad it has larger leaves and slightly milder taste. Rape is often used instead of mustard in the punnets of cress and mustard. Also suitable for use as a green manure. Mix with cress for a spicy flavour. 40g approx 8,000 seeds

1.95 Av 40 gram pkt

13.50 Av 500 gram pkt

More Sprouting Seeds





Salad Rocket


Rocket Salad Pegasus
Eruca sativa
Salad rocket with a very upright habit, great mild peppery flavoured leaves and a refined leaf shape. High yielding British bred variety Pegasus is slow to bolt and quick to establish, use as cut and come again by harvesting the young tender outer leaves. Successional sowing of Rocket salad will ensure a continual fresh supply. Ideal baby leaf Culinary herb, great in salads and on Pizza.

0.89 Av 1,000 seeds



Rocket Salad     Annual
Eruca sativa - Rocket Salad, Cultivated Rocket, Italian Cress, Rucola
Excellent choice for salads Sow from February to September, successional sowings every few weeks for a constant supply. The young leaves which have a distinctive hot spicy flavour are used in salads. Can be grown in a pot on the windowsill and can be included in a cress and mustard mix. Cut and come again crop. Sow in situ (or pots/trays), thinly 1cm deep, 30cm between rows, thin to 15cm. Very popular for peppery micro greens Culinary herb. Approx 700 seeds per gram.

1.20 Av 1,400 seeds

4.25 Av 10 gram pkt


Rocket Voyager

Rocket Voyager
Diplotaxis erucoides
Salad Rocket Voyager has the serrated leaves of wild rocket, but with a distinctive flavour that is tangy and peppery. Suitable for normal or baby leaf production. Very popular with the catering trade Culinary herb. Approx 3,000 seeds per gram

0.99 Av 1,400 seeds

5.45 Av 5 gram pkt



Wild Rocket

Rocket Gourmet  Perennial
Diplotaxis tenuifolia
Wild rocket variety with more refined and highly serrated leaf shape than standard wild rocket. Gourmet is one of the slowest varieties to bolt. Successional sowing of Wild Rocket will ensure a continual fresh supply. Ideal baby leaf Culinary herb.

0.99 Av 1,000 seeds



Rocket Adventurer   Perennial
Wild rocket with more robust darker green leaves, which gives Adventurer its great flavour and texture, with good bolting resistance and a longer shelf life, will make it one of our most popular rocket varieties. Successional sowing of Wild Rocket will ensure a continual fresh supply. Ideal baby leaf Culinary herb.

0.99 Av 1,000 seeds


Rocket Wild           Perennial
Eruca vesicaria
Rocket Wild a wild fiery rocket having a stronger flavour than Eruca sativa, a strong peppery flavour and extremely tender, use in salads and stir-fry. A very health giving plant aiding digestion, acting as a tonic and purifies the blood. Successional sowing of wild rocket seeds will ensure a continual fresh supply. Grows like wildfire, it can be sown all year round in milder climates or given some protection in colder areas. Ideal baby leaf Culinary herb.

1.25 Av 1,000 seeds


Rocket Discovery    Perennial
Diplotaxis erucoides
Wild Rocket. Discovery has the serrated dark leaves of wild rocket but with a distinctive tangy peppery flavour. Leaves are more upright and is slower to bolt than the standard wild rocket. Suitable for both normal and baby leaf rocket. 2 gram approx 900 seeds Culinary herb

1.25 Av 2 gram pkt



Salsify Mammoth Sandwich Island
Tragopogon porrifolius
Oriental Vegetable Oyster or Oyster plant
Root is eaten raw or cooked . The young root grated in salads. The older root is cooked and tastes sweet and resembles Oysters. Flowers & young shoots are edible and the seed can be sprouted and used in salads and sandwiches. Sow seeds in situ early Spring thinly to a depth of 1cm, thinning to 15cm and 25cm between rows. The soil should be deeply dug for root cropping.

1.20 Av 85 seeds





Scorzonera hispanica
Black Salsify, Escorzonera, Kara Iskorcina
Scorzonera root is cooked or roasted and used as a coffee substitute. The leaves and petals used in salads. Prefers a light soil, Sow in situ early Spring water in well, thinly to a depth of 1cm, thinning to 15cm and 25cm between rows. Oriental vegetable that can be sown in situ during august.

1.25 Av 75 seeds




Seakale Lilywhite
Crambe maritima
Hardy perennial of beaches and coastal sites. A delicacy from the olden days, young leaves and flowers can be eaten raw or lightly cooked, young shoots are boiled and eaten like asparagus plants are forced after the 3rd year. Relative of the Brassica family. To sow remove outer seed casing to speed up germination, sow in pots, trays, direct sow or nursery bed from May to June. Transplant into final position following May 1m apart, thin direct sown plants at fourth leaf stage.

Av 15 seeds 2.60




Sorrel Red Veined
Rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus
Bright green leaves contrast sharply with the red stems and the blood red veins. Leaves have a sharp and tangy sorrel flavour ideal for salads, mixed salad leaves, makes an excellent border or large container plant. Ideal for microgreens, can be used as cut and come again plants, makes an excellent border or large container plant Culinary Herb. Alternative salad recommended by WHICH for its classic taste and bright red streaks.

0.95 Av 200 seeds

Sorrel Broad Leaved       Perennial
Rumex acetosa
Sorrel broad leaved, the young leaves have a tangy taste and are used to liven up salads, also used as a vegetable like spinach and for microgreens, can also be used as cut and come again Culinary herb. Approx 800 seeds per gram

1.00 Av 500 seeds

5.25 Av 5 gram pkt



Swiss Chard
Beta vulgaris

Micro Green Swiss Chard
Green and bronze savoyed leaves, the stems grow multi coloured. Milder tasting than ordinary chard. micro greens. 16 to 25 days. Approx 100 seeds per gram.

1.10 Av 1 gram pkt



Swiss Chard Yellow
Yellow Midrib. Ideal baby leaf in salads when used at young leaf stage. As with all chards make excellent border and container plants. Very popular for micro greens.

1.20 Av 100 seeds



More Information
Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Stems of many colours including gold, pink, orange, purple, red and white, with bright and pastel variations. Lightly savoy coloured green or bronze leaves. Stunning bunched, and baby leaves are a natural salad mix. The taste is milder than ordinary chard, with each colour a bit different. Colourful bedding and other ornamental possibilities abound. If grown from plug trays rather than direct sown, individual colours can be separated out. Suitable for production year round, but somewhat less frost hardy than normal chard. Enough seed for a 80ft row with a plant spacing of 1ft (30cm). RHS Award of Garden Merit

0.85 Av  35 seeds

1.25 Av  70 seeds


Red Rhubarb Chard Charlotte

Rhubarb Chard Charlotte (Red)
Magnificent red petioles with a dark green waxy leaf for ornamental or culinary use. Harvested small at the baby leaf stage for salads or left to mature. Very popular for micro greens. Sow late spring onwards 1 cm deep, 35 cm between rows. Very popular for micro greens. RHS Award of Garden Merit.
3 gram approx 160 seeds seed count varies as seed is not uniform.

1.20 Av 3 gram pkt


Swiss Chard White Silver 2 seeds

Swiss Chard White Silver 2     
Harvest leaf and stems, stalks have a celery flavour, spinach like leaves, ideal for summer and autumn harvest.
2 gram approx 110 seeds

1.25 Av 2 gram pkt




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