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Supplied in hermetically sealed foil seed packets to retain freshness and supplied with sowing instructions for the UK.

Salad and Stir Fry Mixtures

Climbing Beans
Yard Long Bean

Climbing Yard Long Bean

Climbing Bean Yard Long
Annual climbing bean, pod length up to 3ft normally eaten when pods reach 1ft (30cm). Ideal plant for the children to grow. Outdoors grow in a sheltered sunny spot ideally against a south facing wall or indoors under glass. Starts to flower and form pods after mid-summer. In cooler climates yard long beans can be grown in a conservatory or tunnels, great plant for the children to watch the pods grow. Space plants 15cm apart 60cm between rows, provide support. In cooler climates they are best picked when young and succulent, cut to 3-5cm in length for cooking. Pods may not reach a yard long in the cooler climate of the UK.  

Sow yard long beans early in the season in pots/modules and germinate at a minimum 15 deg C grow on under glass and plant out in warmer areas after last frosts, when plants reach approx 10cm.

1.95 Av 75 seeds


Bitter Gourd Karela

Bitter Gourd Karela
Edible ornamental it is used in Asian and Caribbean cuisine, other names include Bitter melon, Bitter Squash, Hanzal, Nigauri, Peria, Karawila, Karela, Balsamina, Foo gua
A Tendril bearing climber that can grow up to 15' the plant produces oblong warty shaped fruits up to 20cm in length and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Seeds and pith must be removed before use and the fruit is best eaten when green. Ideal for curries and stir fires. Sow 2-3cm deep in a warm sunny spot, water regularly. Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon is used in herbal remedies. 4g packet approx 25 seeds

1.85 Av 4 gram pkt





Chives Gigantic

Chives Gigantic     Perennial Culinary herb
Allium schoenoprasum
As the name suggests giant chives grow up to 60cm tall (spread 30cm) double the size of normal garden chives, larger than life plant that produce lovely white flowers that would like good on its own or in any mixed container, pots or garden border. Broad  long useable green stem which produces a large white flower dome at the tip.  The flavour is similar to garlic and is popular in Asian cuisine, 14-16 weeks from sowing to finished plants (10cm green leaved)

1.65 Av  50 seeds



Water Spinach

Entsai Water Spinach
Water Convolvulus or Ong Choi
Ipomoea aquatica A fast growing herb, Bamboo Leaved, long, thin leaved selection, thrives in moist soils or aquatic areas. Popular Oriental vegetable cultivated for its leaves in China, Malaysia and India.

1.55 Av 75 seeds



Amaranth Red Army
Amaranthus tricolor
The leaves are used raw, cooked or Micro leaves. Use raw in salads, cooked as spinach or used in stir fry. Prefers a sunny position in well drained fertile soil. Sow seed late spring in situ, earlier sowings can be made under glass, in warm climates sowing can take place up to late summer. Amaranth red leaf is used in Caribbean recipes for Callaloo. Can be cut at a semi mature stage for cut and come again or baby leaf. Minimum soil temp for germination 10 deg C. Note there is always a small % of green foliage.

1.30 Av 500 seeds






Bulls Blood Beet
Click for IMAGE

Bulls Blood Beet Leaf
beta vulgaris
A baby leaf and ornamental variety for use as tasty baby salad leaves or dot plants in the borders. An exceptionally deep red beetroot colour, can be used at the young crop stage as a chard alternative. Ideal for baby leaf and Micro Greens. Harvest the baby leaves in approx 4 weeks, each plant will produce leaves for 3 to 4 harvests. Sow February to March under cover and sow direct from April to September.
Av 180 seeds per packet

 1.05 pkt Av 3 gram pkt



Burdock Takinogawa
Arctium lappa    Greater Burdock, Love Leaves, Wu Shih
Japanese root vegetable. Young roots can be eaten raw but older roots require cooking, roots best harvested under 60cm long. Young leaves and stalks and branches can be used raw or cooked. A delicate vegetable not unlike asparagus in flavour. The seeds can be sprouted and used like beansprouts. Best grown in partial shade in most soils. Sow seed in situ during autumn or spring, because of erratic germination best sown in trays optimum temp 20-25 deg C germination can be improved by pre soaking the seeds or by scarification. Plant out at 15cm apart 30cm between rows.

1.30 Av 30 seeds




Burnet Salad  Salad Burnet     Perennial Culinary herb
Poterium sanguisorba - Salad Burnet
Young cucumber flavoured leaves used in salads, sauces, fish, fruit salads, herb butter and soft cheeses. Chopped leaves are added to soups and sauces prior to serving. Evergreen, makes a good container plant. Approx 250 seeds per gram

1.30 Av 300 seeds

7.95 Av 10 gram pkt



 Cavolo Nero
BLACK CABBAGE. An unusual leaf picking variety with rich, dark green blistered leaves can be picked young for baby leaf. A well known Italian vegetable, it can be used to add texture to salads or boiled/steamed in the usual way, also used as baby veg. Stands normal winter conditions and can be harvested September to January.
Sow:- April to May Harvest September to January

0.95 Av 75 seeds


Chinese Cabbage


Chinese Cabbage Michihli
Tall well blanched heads of sweet crisp, mild and tasty light green leaves, very tender, use raw, steamed or stir-fry.

1.25 Av 400 seeds




Chinese Cabbage Wa Wa Sai
 Baby veg F1 Chinese cabbage Wa Wa Sai, very tender with a lovely sweet flavour, ideal for soups, stir fries and salads. Head weight from spring or autumn sowing 300-500g, matures in 60 days from transplanting. Grow at close spacing for baby leaf. treated seed for improved seedling growth. Space plants 20 x 30cm

1.85 Av 100 seeds



Chinese Cabbage Yukina Savoy

Chinese Cabbage Yukina Savoy
In appearance a savoy leaved Tatsoi. Baby veg. Dark green thick glossy leaves excellent for baby leaf and mature plants. Young baby leaves are excellent for salad leaf mixtures and stir fry. Can be cropped most of the year.
30 days baby leaf  50 days mature plants
At a mature stage the leaves form a unique rosette of concentric circles.

0.99 Av  250 seeds




Chinese Cabbage Questar
A F1 Chinese cabbage with a medium-large frame and dark green outer leaves, firm well wrapped heads are elongated and weigh up to 1.5kg. Chinese cabbage Questar is a variety that is slow to bolt and can be harvested in approx 65 days after sowing.

1.45 Av 100 seeds


Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok Cabbage (Mandarin)
Brassica pekinensis -  pai-tsai, wong bok, won bok, nappa
Large oval heads, excellent quality, very tender, productive Mandarin heirloom. Excellent in stir fries and braised dishes.

0.89 Av 200 seeds




Chinese flowering cabbage

Choy Sum Hon Tsai tai                  45-50 days mature plants
Also known as flowering cabbage or Chinese flowering cabbage. Purple flower stalks and petioles with green leaves and yellow buds. Cut young as salad leaves or mature for edible inflorescences, delicate and sweet flavour, ideal in stir fry or raw in salads. Spring and early summer sowings can bolt prematurely in warmer climates. Best sown mid to late summer into early autumn. Can be harvested into following spring if winter is not too harsh. Can be sown autumn, transplanted into polytunnels or greenhouse for a winter harvest.

1.35 Av 180 seeds





Choy Sum Gunsho F1
Choy sum is among the most popular vegetables in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. The stems are a vibrant bright green, very sweet and tender, and are harvested just before buds are opening. A hybrid cut and come again plant. Excellent in stir fries, steamed, or in soups. Brassica rapa var. chinensis 40 Days
1.15 Av 200 seeds





Chinese / Oriental Greens



Green Lance  F1
47 days  
Flower Bud Type, gai lohn, pak kah nah
Budding type Chinese Kale excellent in stir fries or cooked the same as broccoli. Stalks are best harvested when 2-3 buds are open and 20cm tall. Once cut the plant will become multi branching for the next harvest. Sow early spring to mid summer.

1.65 Av 125 seeds





Calabrese Tender Green
Calabrese Tender Green a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale. This F1 variety produces green broccoli spears on edible stems, which taste similar to asparagus. Proven to be high in Vitamins A & C, plus many other vitamins and minerals. During production it is important to pinch out the first head at an early stage as this encourages the side shoots to develop. Transplant March to June, crops from June to October. Uses stir fry, steam or lightly boil.

Out of stock see the New Calabrese Sticcoli a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese kale




Chinese Lettuce

Celtuce AKA Stem lettuce, celery lettuce, wosun or Chinese lettuce.

Lactuca sativa angustana
Stem lettuce, celery lettuce, wosun or Chinese lettuce is grown mainly for the leaves and stem, the leaves can be used raw or cooked, having a slightly sweet flavour and more coarse than lettuce. Young leaves can be used in mixed salads. Stems are harvested when they reach 3-4cm in diameter, used raw or cooked they are crisp and juicy like lettuce, celery, artichoke or chard, best peeled before used, harvest stems prior to the plant flowering. prefers summer shade and well drained humus rich soils. A good companion plant for carrots, onions and strawberries. Sow seed March to June in situ thin to 30cm apart, best picked frequently. Sow when temperatures are below 20C

0.99 Av 600 seeds



Chinese Celery Kintsai
Apium graveolens
Slender celery stems and leaves with a strong flavour. For use in salads or as a cooked vegetable. Can be grown all year round in temperate climates using crop protection for winter months. Sow from spring to summer, 2 sowings during this period will give a continuous supply. Growing commercially repeated sowings every 5-6 weeks from spring to summer. Sow seed in modules/plugs or trays on the compost surface, transplant after risk of frost.

0.99 Av  1,000 seeds



Chinese Broccoli

Kailaan White flowered
Also known as Chinese Broccoli, Chinese Kale, Kai-Lan. Possibly related to Calabrese, producing a small main head that is cut and then produces thick fleshy side shoots 15-18cm long, baby leaf and edible white flowers. Use in steaming, stir fries, baby veg and salads. Grow in fertile, moist soils where it is one of the easiest flowering brassica to grow. Sow in rows or broadcast, thinning to 10-15cm apart for harvesting as young plants. For mature plants grow 25-35cm. Kailaan be grown in containers to harvest as young plants only or use the baby leaf in salads. Sow throughout the growing season, spring to autumn, harvest June to December (will withstand slight frost)

1.35 av 150 seeds




Chinese Chives
Also known as Chinese Leek, flowering Leek, Garlic Chives, Golden Chives, Jiu cai, Gau tsoi
Can be grown all year round in warmer climates or under glass.
Parts used all above ground, ideal in the vegetable garden, borders and containers.


Chinese Chives New Belt
Garlic Chives New Belt
Having thick flat leaves up to 10mm in width can be used green or blanched. Widely used in Chinese Cuisine.
Sown during spring the optimum germinating temperature is 20C, sown in seed trays/modules or plugs 1cm deep. Autumn sown seeds should be over wintered and planted out the following spring, they should be ready for their first harvest during late summer.
Prick plants out when large enough to handle and planted out where they are to grow 4-5 months later, in clumps of 8 or more plants 5cm deep and 20cm between plants. Sow direct in flat bottom drills 10cm wide 1cm deep thinly.

1.45 Av 160 seeds

2.10 for 2 x 160 seed packets




Chop Suey Green


Chop Suey Greens Tung Ho
Chrysanthemum coronarium
Traditional Asian vegetable, the young shoots and stems are used raw or cooked, stir fried, young leaves are excellent in salads. A serrated leaf variety with a unique aromatic flavour.

1.45 Av 200 seeds



Chop Suey Greens Salad Shungiku
Chrysanthemum coronarium
A thicker leaved strain with a sweet flavour ideal for salads. Slow bolting variety ideal for cut and come again Oriental vegetable.

1.75 Av 200 seeds




Chop-Suey Green
Chrysanthemum coronarium
Fast growing Asian greens, the young shoots and stems are used raw or cooked, young leaves are excellent in salads. 'Kikumi' a Japanese pickle is made from the petals. Position in full sun and temperatures below 25 deg C, above this the plants can become bitter. Sow seed on the surface from early spring to autumn, sowing in succession will ensure a constant supply. Sowing autumn onwards under glass for a winter crop.

1.20 Av 400 seeds


Chop Suey Shungiku Greens
21 days baby 45 days mature
Chrysanthemum coronarium
A named variety of Chop Suey Greens, Aromatic Asian Greens. Cut greens when about 4-8" tall for a flavourful addition to salads, vegetables, pickles, and sushi. Plant more thickly than other greens. Small orange and yellow chrysanthemum flowers appear later on un harvested plants. This is the preferred "fine" or "small" leaf strain. Oriental vegetable

1.25 Av 600 seeds




Shungiku Greens



Corn Salad - Lambs Lettuce

Corn Salad   Verte de Cambrai - Lambs Lettuce   Annual Culinary herb
Valerianella locusta.
Corn salad also known lambs lettuce, field salad or mache. Very slow growing. Leaves are used raw in salads and can be cropped all year from successional sowings and with some protection during winter in colder climates. Corn salad has 3 times the amount of vitamin C than lettuce, other nutrients include vitamin E, omega fatty acids and beta-carotene. 1 gram approx 1,000 seeds

0.69 Av 500 seeds

0.99 Av 1,000 seeds

1.75 for 2 x 1,000 seeds



American or Land Cress
Barbarea verna
Also known as Uplands Cress. Young leaves used cooked, as seasoning or raw. Having a hot spicy flavour they are a useful addition to salads, the land grown alternative to water cress being similar in taste. The seed can be sprouted. Can be cropped all year if autumn sowings are given protection through winter (cloches). Sow Spring to September in situ , successional sowings for continual cropping, position full sun for winter crops while partial shade is best for summer crops. Alternative salad recommended by WHICH for its hot taste.

0.99 Av  500 seeds



Greek Cress
A new addition for the salad bowl, Greek Cress has curled and dissected leaves, ideal to add to salad leaf mixtures, leaves have a nice peppery flavour. Quick growing indoors or outside, sow by broadcasting in successive sowings for a continual harvest. Very popular for microgreens.

1.45 Av 2,000 seeds





Dandelion      Perennial Culinary herb
Taraxacum officinale
Flowers only open in full sun from March to September. Height up to 35cm Leaves may be blanched and used in salads, roots can be roasted and ground as coffee substitute and also used as tortoise food. high in vitamins and minerals. Tortoise love dandelion leaves. Flowers used for wine making. Approx 1,200 seeds per garm

1.25 Av 2,000 seeds



Italian Dandelion Red Rib
Chicorium Intybus
Baby leaf 40 days
Bright red stem and mid-vein with a dark green leaf. An eye catching dandelion type Chicory. A nice bitter flavour with a background sweetness. Sow spring.

0.95 Av 500 seeds



Japanese Parsley Mitsuba, Mashimori
Cryptotaenia japonica Oriental vegetable
Leaves, root and stems are used raw or cooked, seedlings and young leaves added to salads. The seed is used for seasoning and the stem can be blanched and used as a celery substitute. Position moist shady site. Sow April on @ 25 deg C under glass grow on and plant out early summer. Can be sown during autumn.

1.40 Av 400 seeds




Jicama (Yam Bean)
Pachyrhizus erosus

Jicama - Yam Bean
Tropical vines produce turnip-shaped tubers with a sweet white flesh. Best eaten raw, but is cooked also. Has low starch and calories. Produces largest tubers in tropical areas, but will produce equally tasty, smaller tubers in more temperate areas with a 4-5 month growing season. Start indoors 6-8 weeks before outdoor planting time

3.65 Av 10 seeds


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