New Flower Varieties from Nickys Nursery

New flowers for the home gardener and grower from Nickys Seeds.

Ageratum. Champion White 50 Pellets
Ageratum White Champion

Ageratum houstonianum mexicanum
Half hardy annual.
An attractive F1 white ageratum which is uniform a free flowering. Ideal for borders, mixed bedding, pot plants or in containers.


Begonia. Illumination Lemon 50 Pelleted sds
Begonia Illumination Lemon

Trailing begonia for hanging baskets & window boxes, hybrid. Gives a canopy of blooms on elegant cascading stems, blooms are large & double. Lemon coloured 5cm double flowers.


Begonia. Majestic Sunburst 20 pellets
Begonia Majestic Sunburst

Very large 14-20cm double flowers with ruffled edges produced on strong vigorous plants that produce an abundance of colour all summer long. Ideal for borders, containers or patio pots.


Begonia. Starshine Mixed 10 Pelleted sds
Begonia Starshine Mixed

B.boliviensis x hybrida
A mix of Orange, Red, Rose and white. Excellent hanging basket plant with vigorous growth and well branched plants. Masses of flowers on strong arching stems make these plants a must for any hanging basket or patio container.


Begonia. Supercascade Vanilla Cream 25 pellets
Begonia. Supercascade Vanilla Cream

Tuberous rooted F1 variety. Very floriferous cascading plants with double and semi double flowers of 6-8cm. Ideal for hanging baskets or containers. Pelleted seed.


Campanula. Rapido Blue 50 pellets Campanula. Rapido White 50 Pellets
Campanula Rapido Blue and      Campanula Rapido White
A very early free flowering hardy hybrid perennial producing compact mounded plants that are covered in flowers from July to September. Ideal rockery plant or over a low wall. Full sun or partial shade. Pelleted seeds. Height 13-18cm with a spread of 13-20cm


Celosia. First Flame Mixed 50 seeds
Celosia First Flame Mixed

Excellent highly coloured stunning summer flowers in a mixture of scarlet orange red and yellows, First Flame is earlier by 2 weeks than other similar varieties. Pot up in the border or containers. C. plumose


Coleus. Kong Lime Sprite 10 pellets
Coleus Kong Lime Sprite

Solenostemon scutellarioides
An extremely large leaf variety with unique leaf patterns. Plants are well branched and will make a bold statement in any border or container. Also ideal as an indoor house plant.


Coleus. Kong Rose Lime Magic 10 pellets
Coleus Kong Rose Lime Magic

Solenostemon scutellarioides
A unique variety as the colour changes with the seasons. Rose colour in leaves will dissolve exposing green margins with a cream centre as the season progresses. Makes a bold statement in any container.


Cosmos Purity
Cosmos Purity
A popular annual flower for the cottage garden, wildlife garden or for the cut flower garden. Pure white flowers up to 10cm in diameter. Flowers from summer through to autumn. Sow from March to May. C bipinnatus

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Heirloom Tomatoes Grow your own

New varieties now in stock, we have over 170 tomato varieties to choose from, heirloom, plum, beefsteak, currant, hanging basket varieties.

Tomato Black pear
Unusual Heirloom miniature pear shaped tomato, producing an abundance of mahogany brown to black fruits approximately 170 gram with green shoulders, full of flavour with a rich sweet taste. Ideal for salads or for a tomato sauce. Black Russian tomato of Siberian origin (similar to Japanese Black Trifele) Indeterminate 80 days
Tomato Black Pear 10 seeds

Tomato Amana Orange
Heirloom variety from Iowa producing 12cm sweet Orange Beefsteak tomatoes weighing in at over 500 grams. Lycopersicon esculentum, Indeterminate 90 days

Tomato Druzba
Mini Beefsteak heirloom variety originating from Bulgaria. Superb flavoured pure red tomato up to 10cm across that is excellent in sandwiches and salads. Indeterminate (cordon) 80 days



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Grass mixtures for sowing new lawns or renovating a lawn

Nickys Nursery flower seeds, herb seed, wildflower, grass seed and vegetable seeds, chilli seeds and tomato seed

Large range of grass mixtures for sowing a lawn. Front ornamental lawn, back lawns and play areas, shaded lawns, embankments, woodlands to sports fields and golf courses.
Available Grass Seed Mixtures

Front Lawn Grass Seed

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Some of the vegetable and flower varieties to Sow February

What to sow during February

Chilli Seed Collections

Tomato seeds A to Z

Flowers Petunia Wave





















Asparagus Connovers Colossal

Cardoon Gobbo di Nizzia

Broad Bean Witkiem Manita 100g

Broad Bean Aquadulce 85g

Cauliflower Igloo

Carrot Creme De Lite F

Celeriac Prague Giant

Peppers Chilli Carolina Reaper

Peppers Chilli Trinidad Scorpion Butch T seed

Peppers Chilli Scotch Bonnet Yellow

Carrot Yellowstone

Celery Golden Self Blanching

Onion Bedfordshire Champion

Kohl Rabi Delicacy Purple

Pea Douce Provence

Pea Feltham First

Lettuce All Year Round Winter Lettuce 1 gram pkt

Spinach Fuji

Tomatillo De Milpa 20 vegetable sds

Tomato Vintage Wine 30 Tomato

Tomato Tigerella 15 Tomato

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New Childrens Play Tents

Aztec Childrens Play Tent

Perfect for girls and boys, this modern and attractive wigwam with Aztec inspired
geometric patterns is printed in various shades of blue onto high quality natural
cotton canvas.
The Aztec Wigwam features the same sturdy and strong wooden pole frame with
plastic connectors as the Children’s Wigwam and is perfect for use in the home or garden
with its waterproof coating. Strong and hard wearing this unisex play tent will
appeal to children and adults alike.
Simple to construct and easy to put away 1.1m diameter x 1.4m tall, Height of Sides: 0.9m
Suitable for Age 18 months+ Adult assembly required
Features Waterproof Printed Cotton Canvas.


Flower and Butterfly Wigwam Play Tent

This 1.5m diameter thick cotton canvas play tent features pretty alternating panels of
2 different printed floral fabrics, each featuring modern yet pretty flower and butterfly
designs printed in a range of pastel pinks and lilacs.

The tent’s alternating panels give this wigwam a particularly attractive look, which is
perfect for the bedroom or the garden as this lovely new play tent also features a
great water proof coating for the days when the sun just won’t shine.
Simple to construct and easy to put away.
1.1m diameter x 1.4m tall, Height of Sides: 0.9m
Suitable for Age 18 months+ Adult assembly required.
Features Waterproof Printed Cotton Canvas.

Children’s Play Tents Online

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What seeds to sow December ?

Some ideas of what could be sown in December

  • Sprouting seeds
  • Trees sow seeds that need cold treatment for 16-20 weeks
  • Cress
  • Begonia
  • Cyclamen
  • Gloxinia
  • Laurentia
  • Lisianthus
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry. Yellow Wonder
  • Broad Bean Aquadulce 85g
  • Onion Bedfordshire Champion Sow early for Larger Onions
  • Onion Kamal Sow earlier than normal for larger onions
  • Corn salad Coquille de louvier Lambs Lettuce
  • Lettuce All Year Round Winter Lettuce 1 gram pkt
  • Spinach Mississippi
  • Spinach Fuji
  • Cress American Uplands or Land Cress 500 Oriental vegetable
  • Watercress
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    Giant games and games for garden back in stock

    Games back in stock, Play Tents, Kubb, Big 4 and Croquet set

    Camouflage Wigwam Play Tent
    Our extremely popular wigwam is now available in a special camouflage print design to
    generate a whole new area of role play games and inspire older children to use it as a hide out.
    It has the same wooden pole structure as our standard wigwam using plastic connectors to form
    6 wooden poles which stand 1.9m tall and 1.4m in diameter.
    The waterproof nylon fabric has a pvc coating, allowing the wigwam be left outside in the rain and overnight without harm. Suitable for children ages 3+

    Camouflage Play Tent

    Camouflage Wigwam Play Tent

    Fairy Princess Play Tent
    A high quality cotton play tent with a pretty pink and lilac design – just what any fairy would choose! The hexagonal turret shaped tent has a fabric door and windows, which can be tied up inside and is topped off with a flag. The wooden poles join together with plastic connectors to form a frame standing 1.2m tall. Princess clothes not included.

    Garden Game Fairy Princess Play Tent

    Fairy Princess Play Tent

    Ancient Scandinavian game made from varnished solid beech wood for durability.
    Players throw their Batons to knock over their opponent’s 5 Kubbs before they can attempt to knock over the King. Any Kubb knocked down are added to the first player’s half of the playing field for the opposing team to knock down prior to their initial 5 Baseline Kubbs and then finally the King.
    Knock down the King by mistake and you have lost the game!
    The game can be played by individuals or in two teams of up to 6 players and is best played in a space of at least 6m x 4m.
    1 x King with painted red crown 29.6cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm
    10 x Kubb
    6 x Batons
    Packed in a zip fastening green canvas carry bag

    Kubb Game

    Kubb Garden Game

    Big 4

    The giant game Big 4 is a wooden version of the popular connect 4 giant garden game, the garden game stands 1.2m high x 1.2m wide, includes counters and is a larger version of Jumbo 4. Using skill and strategy compete with your opponent to get 4 plastic playing pieces in a row. MDF frame, please store indoors when not in use, this game is ideal for use in the home, parties, bbq’s etc for commercial use we recommend Giant Connect 4.

    Big 4 Giant Game

    Big 4 Garden Game

    Longworth Croquet Set 6 Player

    An excellent value, full sized 6 player croquet set. Includes 6 high quality full sized, natural hard wood mallets with leather bound handles, full sized 12oz balls, steel hoops, hoop mallet, corner flags and pegs, plastic clips, hardwood winning post and rules.
    Packed in a zip fastening nylon bag with shoulder strap for portability
    All sizes approximate.
    Includes 6 full sized natural hard wood mallets with leather bound handles
    Full sized 12oz wooden balls
    Steel hoops
    Hoop mallet
    Corner flags and pegs
    Plastic clips
    Hardwood winning post and rules
    Packed in zip fastening bag

    Longworth Croquet Set

    Longworth 6 Player Croquet Set

    Large selection of Garden Games & Giant Games
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    New Chillies

    New for 2014
    In stock now Cornish Naga

    Cornish Naga chilli seeds

    Cornish Naga

     C. chinense The Cornish Naga has been developed by Chilli enthusiast Paul Tonkin. It’s thought to be a hybrid cross with a Trinidad scorpion originally and has been grown out to produce a pod that has been tested at just under 1.2 million SHU’s at Warwick University.
    The fruit have an apricot/bitter orange flavour followed by extreme heat. A real throat burner. Plants produce a good crop of 2 inch pods.

    Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion

    Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion

    Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion

    Capsicum chinense
    A extremely hot pepper that’s a cross between peach Bhut jolokia and Trinidad scorpion. The pods ripen from a lime green to an attractive peach colour. The large delicate flavoured pods are contorted and bumpy and some have tails. The pods have been measured around 700-800,000 SHU’s Plants have a branching habit and are capable of good yields but require a long growing season so early sowing is recommended. Caution when handling this is a very hot pepper.

    Nicky’s Chilli Seeds

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    Sow Value Veg

    The best value in vegetable seeds starting at 69p for cabbage Cavolo Palmizio, carrot Parmex, Celtuce, Chinese cabbage Yukina Savoy, Pak Choi Pueblo, chilli Cobra and chilli Gambia


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    Grow you own Vegetables – a beginners guide

    Sick of paying supermarket prices for your greens? Then
    why not start your own vegetable patch!

    Not only is growing your own little vegetable haven a great
    thing to keep you occupied but it can save you money too. Those tomatoes you
    need to cook your favourite meal? No need to go and fork out lots of money at
    the supermarket, just head to your garden!

    For many though, the prospect of starting a veg patch can be
    a little daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a little beginner’s guide to
    creating your own vegetable plot, sowing vegetables seeds is easy and fun even if you only have a small veg plot. We hope you find it useful!
    What would you like to grow?
    Before you do anything you need to decide what it is you
    would like to grow. As a beginner I recommend you start small. Putting too much
    on your plate means that you’re going to be overwhelmed with trying to manage
    and maintain everything in your plot.

    Remember that things like tomatoes and peppers will continue
    to provide throughout the season. Things like carrots and corn however will
    only produce once, so you may need to plant more of these.

    A favourite is baby leaf vegetable seeds where you can sow the
    salad leaf mixtures found on the supermarket shelves, make your own mixtures up
    from some of the following or add your own, Lettuce, Corn Salad, Rocket, Cress,
    Radicchio, Pak Choi, Mizuna, Lambs Lettuce, Baby Spinach, Endive, Chervil,
    Mustard Greens, Dandelion

    It’s all about what you and your family will eat. There’s no
    point planting peppers if nobody is going to eat them!

    Do you have the room?
    Now you know exactly what it is you’re growing you can start
    to estimate the kind of space you’re going to need. You aren’t going to need a
    lot of space. Heck, you don’t even need a garden. You could grow veg in some
    containers on your balcony!

    There are a few things that the vegetables do need to
    flourish though:

    • Plenty
      of sun. Less sun means that they might not produce as much food and they
      may be more susceptible to diseases.
    • Lots
      of water. Like everything, your plants need water to grow. If you’re in a
      bit of a dry spell, make sure that you give them plenty.
    • Quality
      soil. Regardless of what you’re growing quality soil is a must. The
      majority of veg perform well in rich well drained soil.

    Test the soil
    So, how do you test if your soil is up to the challenge?
    Well soak the soil with a hose and then leave it over night. The next morning
    head out into the garden grab a handful and squeeze. If water is streaming out
    then you’re going to want to add compost to help improve the drain.

    If the soil hasn’t congealed in your hand then it may be too
    sandy. Adding organic matter will help this.

    Now you’re soil is ready, plant your vegetable seeds!

    Keep the weeds at bay
    Unsurprisingly, weeds are as unwelcome in the veg patch as
    they would be anywhere else in the garden. These pests compete with your veg
    for sun, water and nutrients. Once a week head out to your patch and pull out
    all the weeds you can.

    You should also look into veg fertilizers to make the most
    of your crop.

    Patience and proper care should mean that your veg yield
    plenty for you and the family!

    Good luck!

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