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Brussels Sprouts Flower Sprout Petit Posy 30 seeds (VEG1035)
Price: 2.00
Brussels Sprouts Flower Sprout Petit Posy 30 seeds

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Petit Posy flower sprouts a cross between Kale and Brussel Sprout, brand new F1 vegetable developed by a UK breeder using traditional hybridization techniques. The plant habit is similar to Brussels Sprouts, a tall stem with loose button rosettes forming all the way up to a frilly-leaved top. Extremely winter hardy and with a similar cropping calendar to sprouts the harvest window stretches from October to early March from mid-March sowings, harvest by picking the loose frilly button rosettes from the stem. The taste is milder and sweeter than a Brussels Sprout with a good texture. It is an ideal winter vegetable and can be steamed, stir-fried or microwaved. Sow from early spring to June.

General Information
Brassica oleracea General Sowing information: Sow late winter to mid spring 12mm deep in a prepared seed bed 23cm between rows. Transplant April to May when 15cm tall, allow 60-80cm between plants, planting closer together will produce smaller sprouts. Keep young plants well watered. Harvest September/March. Early varieties Sow late February onwards under glass Late varoetoes Sow March to end of April

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