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Grow all your favourite, rare and unusual plants for the garden, sow and grow a wide variety of plants that are ideal for the home gardener, allotments, parks, landscaping and professional growers. Our garden varieties to sow include flowers annual and perennial, culinary and medicinal herbs, wildflowers and mixtures, broadleaf and conifer trees, grass mixtures, vegetables Oriental, baby vegetables, baby leaf, micro greens. See also what to sow month by month in our flower and vegetable sowing calendars and our cultural guides that cover Abutilon to Wallflowers, cut flowers and germination.

Garden seed packets ideal for the smaller garden includes vegetables from 69p a pkt. The UK's largest range of chilli pepppers including the Worlds Hottest chillies Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Butch T, with prices starting from only 69p a packet.
Over 160 varieties of tomatoes to grow, including heirloom, beefsteak, currant, plum, cherry, grape, patio and hanging basket tomatoes. Our customers favourites are the sweet black varieties, Black Cherry, Black from Tula and Black Krim. FERA Registered packer number 7049.
Packets supplied with basic cultural information, this should be used as a guide only.

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Special Offers header   Good King Henry 200 sds

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  Broccoli Purple Sprouting Early 150 sds

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  Rocket Olive Leaved Italian Range 900 sds

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  Cress Persian 1000 sds

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  Peppers Chilli Gambia 20 sds

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  Rocket Wild Discovery 2 gram

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Cucamelon Melothria Scabra Mexican Gherkin 20 seeds

Cucamelon Melothria Scabra Mexican Gherkin 20 seeds

Has large vines producing hundreds of attractive, small and tasty oblong green fruits, that look like baby water melons with a cucumber taste and a hint of citrus. A native to Mexico and Central America the plants are easy to grow outdoors, baby veg, harvest when the size of a grape, excellent for salads, dipping, snacks, stir fry etc. Sow Cucamelon Melothria Scabra from early April to May Harvest from July to September. AKA Cucamelon, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Sour Cucumber or Mexican Miniature Watermelon.

Add to BasketCucamelon Melothria Scabra Mexican Gherkin 20 seeds - 1.80

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