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Bean Climbing Yardlong 75 seeds (VEG197)
Price: 1.95
Bean Climbing Yardlong 75 seeds

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Annual climbing bean, pod length up to 3ft normally eaten when pods reach 1ft (30cm). Ideal plant for the children to grow. Outdoors grow in a sheltered sunny spot ideally against a south facing wall or indoors under glass. Starts to flower and form pods after mid-summer. In cooler climates yard long beans can be grown in a conservatory or tunnels, great plant for the children to watch the pods grow. Space plants 15cm apart 60cm between rows, provide support. In cooler climates they are best picked when young and succulent, cut to 3-5cm in length for cooking. Pods may not reach a yard long in the cooler climate of the UK.

Sow yard long beans early in the season in pots/modules and germinate at a minimum 15 deg C grow on under glass and plant out in warmer areas after last frosts, when plants reach approx 10cm.

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