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Hanging Flower Bags Information

mixed flower bag

It takes approximately 10 litres of a good quality multipurpose compost, with added slow release fertiliser. The compost should be added to approx one third of the bag, watered to let the compost settle and plants for the lower holes inserted. Then add more compost, water and add more plants until you come to the top holes in the bag, add compost to the top of bag and insert plants in remainder of holes do not add plant to the top of the bag at this point. Lie the bag flat after being planted, in the greenhouse or similar for about 2 weeks, this will allow the plants to establish establish, hang the bag up and insert plants into top of bag.
Do not try to overfill bag with compost as this tends to compact compost and can also lead to bag splitting. The bag should not be round but more flat so it hangs flat against wall, trellis, post etc. The bag can be hung from a suitable nail, screw, bracket etc. Care should be taken so as not to over-water, as flower bags tend to retain more moisture than hanging baskets. In the event of your flower bag drying out just lay it in a tray of water until the compost is fully moist.





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