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  • Alfalfa

    Medicago sativaVery nutritious and rich in vitamins, use Alfalfa sprouted in salads, for micro greens, sandwiches, casseroles and stir fries all year [...]

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  • Beetroot 30g

    Beta vulgarisRich in vitamins, add a nice colour to salads and sandwiches, pre soak for best results, ready in approx 6-8 days. 30 gram approx 2,400 [...]

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  • Broccoli

    Brassica familyBroccoli sprouts Brassica family are rich in sulforaphane a powerful anti cancer compound, It stimulates the natural resources in our [...]

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  • Cabbage Red 40 gram

    Brassica familyMild flavoured red cabbage ready in 6-7 days. Excellent for Micro Greens. 40 gram approx 10,000 seed.

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